Tuesday 6th July 2010

by The Content Strategist

Registration By The Numbers

  1. Eliminate registration unless there’s a compelling reason
  2. Reduce registration to an absolute minimum
    1. Infer info from other data entered by user
    2. Infer info from other sources, a la TripIt
    3. Push back against excessive demands for data from other departments in your company
  3. Develop an irresistable “value proposition”
  4. Use Staged Obligation when necessary
  5. Don’t throw away any info the user has entered
  6. Support AutoFill

via How to Achieve Painless Registration.

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One Response to “How to Achieve Painless Registration”

  1. kniteli says:

    This is the reason I never promote anything on collegehumor. It annoys me to no end that I must register simply to READ their comments, and on principle I never will.

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