Tuesday 6th July 2010

by The Content Strategist

Louis Rosenfeld:

I plan to use these to get my client to think strategically about the challenge of developing a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-regional information architecture.


  • When a user visits an organization’s web site, should he expect to access content in his native language?
  • Which languages are most common to users?
  • Does that organization operate in its own “master” language?
  • Which languages have the greatest strategic value to the organization? Which would simply be nice to support? Which aren’t a priority at all?
  • Does the information architecture’s native language (e.g., label lengths might be quite different, or might not translate at all) translate well into other important languages? Are there other semantic issues to consider?

Read the full list/blog at: Bloug: Globalizing an information architecture.

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