Not all of these patterns are necessarily web-specific, but these are a great set of questions to ask yourself for your next (or current) website project: Download the cards – Design with Intent Toolkit.

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Another great post by Brian Cray. His latest iteration of analysis/design for his blog has resulted in the removal of sidebar navigation:

As you can see, supplemental navigation—including related posts, historical post navigation, popular posts, most commented posts, sidebars, etc—has accounted for about only 10% of the navigation on my site during several design variations. Of that 10%, historical navigation and related posts alone accounted for about 99%. The rest? Fluff. Garbage.

Note that you shouldn’t just go ahead and remove your sidebars though; the links in these areas are often great for the flow of internal SEO pagerank juice. Brian has managed to keep this by moving the ‘important’ links from the sidebar to the top and bottom of the main content, and he also practices excellent in-content linking to his other pages.

Read the full thing at: The more I know, the less I need: Thoughts on web design.

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